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I am a sacred guardian coming alive as a rebel devoted to style. You can find me soulcrafting on my way home

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What moves me into loving service?

  • Deep flowing Contemplations of the Whole Interconnecting Cosmos, Self, Other, Earth and Spirit


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Intuitive Empowerment Coachng

Enter a soul aligned living relationship that meet you here and guides you forwards

Collective Soul Journeys

Embodiment Training

Our Wellbeing Retreats Allow your being to clear, align, rise and connect

Come Dance, move build and grow as you cultivate and free your energy

Longer Offering

( under construction)

The Quest

Dive deep into A online retreat course that serves as the training grounds for resonant souls on the path

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Sacred Guardianship

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Coming Alive

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Client Feedback



Awesome you have so much to share with a courageous vulnerability


Director Videographer

I would love to recommend Brendon’s morning session, a perfect blend of movement workout and dance. The session focused on waking up the body and energy flow. This is what we need to start a day exquisitely


Artist Designer

You have such a humble approach to it and that’s reflective of your energy at the time. I felt wonderful in that gracefulness you delivered in your workshop! More please

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  • The Fellowship (an engaging contemplative community hub for our tribe)